Summertime: Volume & easy braids!!

Summertime: Volume & easy braids!!


Hi guys! While some of you are having a blast enjoying the care free protective styles like individual braids, twist outs and sew-ins… there are some not really interested in either but still want a fly, yet easy look. Well ladies, we just may have the answer. Maybe even several answers to this common natural hair dilemma. 

Maintaining a silk press in 90 degree weather is a challenge, to say the least! And lets not even think about wanting it to last the 2nd week. Below are a couple possible solutions that just may work for you.


Reminder: Swelling and reverting is at an all time high (during summer months).  We say… ‘don’t fret make it work for you’ and pump up the volume with curls!!


Tools used: Wide tooth comb, blow dryer, flat iron (size can vary depending on length), styling comb/clip to make partings, and Chi infratexture hair spray (optional)


How to:

         (if done on freshly shampooed hair)

         note: If done on week old press, omit blow dry

1.   Separate into 4 sections. Detangle with wide tooth comb

2.   Blow dry hair, with a wide tooth comb to preserve texture

3.   Using a 1.5in FHI flat iron (or your fave iron) take medium to large partings and curl

4.   You can get the same results using rollers

5.   Fluff and finger style as desired

6.   Use Infratexture holding spray by Chi. Apply liberally

7.   Lastly, shake and go!



         Sassy braid added to the beautiful voluminous look!



Try one or try them all! Hope this helps with summertime silky hair woes! 

Happy Independence Day! Be safe ladies, and enjoy your beautiful hair!!